Friday, June 13, 2008

New Business Coming to Highland Square

For a couple of weeks, trades people have been filing in and out of the retail spot on the west end of the big building (the opposite end from Chipotle). A day or two before we left, a sign appeared:

Based on empty Google searches, it does not appear to be a chain. A free-standing burger joint in the Square would be pretty awesome. Not only can we carnivores get our burger on, it may well prompt some enterprising soul to open a veggie place, which would be far more keeping with the H Square vibe.

So far no chatter on the HSNA website (which suggests they haven't found much to complain about, though the site as a whole has been slow lately.) The front page includes notice that someone (not clear who) will do put a tangram-based mural on "The wall beside Chipotle." I assume this means one of the raw concrete walls. Because it's only on the HSNA front page, the story may disappear from the link over time.

Meanwhile, I'm hearing rumors of a yet another venture opening up across the street. Stay tuned.

(Yes, I'm still in Colorado, but had this ready to go for when some time opened up, which it has. Briefly.)


chellpenz said...

I hear that the people who own West Market Cafe in Wallhaven are opening this place. If the food is anything like the cafe, it will be excellent.

Anonymous said...

It is actually called Market Street Cafe. It sounds like they are planning to open on June 23rd. I'm looking forward to the new eatery!