Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Hillary's Serve

Anthony asks a number of questions about how . . . someone . . . is going to react to Hillary's possible concession tonight. At times he seems to be addressing Obama, at times he must be addressing Obama supporters and for some questions he can only be addressing Hillary Clinton's worst critics. I'm unaware of anyone explicitly aligned with the Obama campaign using the words "witch, bitch and pig," or for that matter insinuating that Hillary is only a strong candidate because she is a woman which at least would mirror statements from her proxies about Obama.

In any event, my predictions are 1) some nominal Obama supporters will embarrass the rest of us and 2) that the Hillary camp will continue to play the game of calling on us on those embarrassments without acknowledging the Ferraros in their midst and 3) the reaction in the bulk of the Obama camp will depend on Hillary herself.

As to that third, remember the tradition in American politics is for the loser to concede graciously, throw his/her support to the victor and then and only then the victor praises the hard fight and tenacious spirit of the vanquished. Given transmissions from Planet Hillary that she won the popular vote (need I say more about that. I hope not) it's not at all clear that she will show the class Anthony speaks of in his opening.

If she suspends and calls for unity behind Obama, most of the Obamasphere should rise to the occasion and we who do should scold those who don't If she concedes that Obama has the delegates but she has the popular vote and that everyone should reconsider the "fairness" of all that, no one should be surprised if a mighty shitrain does fall.


Anthony Fossaceca said...

My comments were directed almost entirely at the segment of the Obama support group that finds it necessary to endlessly trash Hillary - and in an over-the-top, offensive way. I threw the "witch" word in there because it is inevitable that someone tonight will be digging up old Wizard of Oz footage. Ding dong, etc.

I think Barack Obama has shown incredible class and poise the last few weeks in his comments about Hillary. I think it's also important to recognize that Hillary has done the same. The people that fuel this tension are largely people passionate about their candidate, but in no way affiliated with them. This includes many Ohio bloggers who think it's more than acceptable to trash the accomplishments of the Clinton campaign at every turn. She has been winning some states, you know. What's worse, they've been focusing all their attention on bashing Hillary, but leaving McCain untouched and rarely mentioning why they support Obama. I find that approach to be more like the "old" politics many of them cry against, yet they do it anyway.

The fact is that Hillary and Barack are pretty darn close to even in this race. Delegates, popular vote, whatever. To suggest otherwise is wrong. It's been a great, great race and everyone deserves a round of applause. I'll toast both candidates tonight with some cold ones and soak in the moment.

Obama will very likely come out of tonight with enough delegates to win the nomination in Denver. If he does, let's not piss on Hillary and her supporters. I guess that's all I'm asking. We all need to be smiling and working together to beat John McCain once this is over.

Ben said...

There hasnt been any doubt for sometime he would have enough delegates. The question is what happens now.

redhorse said...

Anthony, no one denies that the race, historically, has been closer than most. Slivers of percentages, particularly in pop vote, separate the candidates.

The issue is Clinton's unfailing inability to accept reality. She won Ohio, she won PA, and nothing changed except her rhetoric.

So as she trudged to a [new] goal line and started in on the white voters and most electable nonsense, Obama supporters became angry. Some unfortunately became unhinged.

Yes, Obama has been gracious these past few weeks. Too bad Hillary couldn't make a decision and do the same.