Monday, June 02, 2008

Jesse Taylor Is Back to Blogging

Ohio bloggers may remember Jesse Taylor, the Pandagon blogger who ran internet communications for Strickland's campaign. He's been gone from Pandagon but now (h/t Ezra Klein) he's back.

Why is this a big deal. Try on this sample from the comments to his post about the prezzie race. The quote is from the earlier comment to which he responds:

    “It’s also a mistake to keep ignoring and insulting the non-obama supporting feminists, if he wants our votes.”

    You don’t lose people’s respect because you don’t support Obama or because you’re a feminist.

    You lose people’s respect because you keep insisting up is down.

Yes! And one!


Modern Esquire said...

I thought he was still on the Guv's payroll...

Pho said...

According to his bio on Pandagon, he was on the transition team and is now a student at U of Mich Law School