Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Some Blogkeeping Notes

First, I have added an email address. This was mostly in response to the very nice comments I received inviting me to the Cleveland blogger meetup. I thought people might want to contact me outside the comments section, so there it is. It is a Hotmail account I opened for blog-only email, so any evil trolls out there thinking of spamming me, save yourselves the trouble. If it gets clogged with crap, I'll just cancel the account.

Second, I've blogrolled a few new sites. George at Brewed Fresh Daily blogrolled me, so, in the tradition of Spy Magazine I am blogrolling him back.

Ditto Sherrod Brown's maybe-campaign-maybe-freestanding-netroots site Grow Ohio.

I am involved in Summit County Progressive Democrats and have up till now kept our perpetually-under-construction site off my links. It's close enough now and should be even better in the near future. One other member is a blogger under the sobriquet Crosscurrent. I've added him as well.