Saturday, July 23, 2005

My Circuit Around the Blogosphere

Bill at Callahan's Cleveland Diary mentioned that at a Cleveland blogger's meetup they are compiling lists of those blogs they visit at least once every couple of days. I would never be invited to a Cleveland meetup even were I better established, given the apparently impassible divide between Akron and Cleveland (sorry, residue of a long meeting), but the idea of the list intrigues me. Here is mine

Hypothetically Speaking (by far and away the best. The rest of us can't pretend to compete)
Callahan's Cleveland Diary (next best, and based in the NEO)
Licking PAC
Rubber Buzz (yes, I know, but he means well)
slactivist (especially the Friday Left Behind posts)
Political Animal
Talking Points Memo
Woulda Coulda Shoulda (the only personal blog I can stand)
An Age Like This

A number of Ohio blogs I liked have either been sleepy lately or are revamping. I would read The Chief Source more often, it being Akron-based, if 1) it didn't take so infernally long to load and 2) they would write up a local story at least once in a while. While not actually a blog, the bloglike, Highland-Square-Centered, glacier-paced Cool People from Akron is worth the occasional dropby.


Bill said...

Hey Pho,

You're hereby invited to the next Cleveland bloggers' meetup. Don't know where yet but I'm asking George Nemeth to target you for massive solicitation.

Since I used to live in Akron I am in a position to provide expert counsel on how to get to Cleveland. See, you just get on I-77 North and keep driving. We're the last bunch of big buildings before Canada.

George Nemeth said...


Seriously, consider yourself invited.

I've also added you to the blogroll I keep of Northeast Ohio Blogs at

Jaclyn said...

Welcome Pho!

I hail originally from your neck of the woods, and spent all last winter driving from there to here for work...not fun in the winter, eh?

Looking forward to meeting you at the August Blogger Meetup.

It's far past time for us to start thinking REGIONALLY, don't you think?