Friday, July 29, 2005

Friday Random Ten

I haven't been at this long enough to actually get memed, but one meme that has stood the test of time is the Random Ten; tell your i-Pod to shuffle and post the first ten songs. A couple of blogs I frequent still post a random ten or something like it regularly. Even on a mostly political blog like this, it humanizes the participants somewhat. Or it will just let you all know how cool I am.

I don't actually i-Pod; a concession to becoming a one-income household. But I do have an MP3 program on my computer that lets me shuffle the stuff I have loaded onto it. I've never done it before -- my tastes are quite eclectic and a random selection of even the small slice of my music collection that I have loaded so far yields some jarring juxtapositions. But I am drawn to the idea, so here goes:

"Return of the Grievous Angel" -- Gram Parsons
"Myxamatosis" -- Radiohead
"Pinhead" -- The Ramones
"Pirates (So Long Lonely Avenue)" -- Rickie Lee Jones
"Saint Simon" -- The Shins
"Things Change" -- Dwight Yoakum
"Y Control" -- Yeah Yeah Yeahs
"Bed Bed Bed" -- They Might Be Giants
"Who Needs the Peace Corps?" -- Mothers of Invention
"High 5 (Rock the Catskills)" -- Beck

And yes, I did actually listen to this mess in this order