Wednesday, July 06, 2005

The Ohio Blogosphere is all A-Twitter

With news of Sherrod Brown's new website. Liccopac thinks it means he is running for Senator, as apparently does Paul at peoplehavethepower. The Ticked-Off Ohioan simply gives it a thumbs-up. The newly revamped Seven Cent Nickel also has a take.

I like the site for itself. If it is a precusor to a Senate run, it is looks a good one. Fresh look, lots of content, room for interactivity.

If Sherrod doesn't run for Senate, I fear we are reaching saturation with good ideas for organizing. Right now we have Blue 88. We have PDA chapters and DFA chapters springing up. I get a really good idea for a meetup from MoveOn in my inbox about every other day. We have the Bring Ohio Back, Wake Up Ohio and the Ohio Progressive Alliance.

It's great that people are getting involved and organized. But at some point folks need to get together on this stuff, rather than create their own fiefdoms.


Tim said...

Hey Pho.

Thanks for the write-up; Just wanted to let you know that I also added you to the NE Ohio blogroll on Grow Ohio.

If you can swing me an email when you get a shot, I can get better information to you as the campaign (whichever campaign that is) progresses.

tim at growohio dot org