Sunday, July 10, 2005

David Brennan, Concerned Citizen

White Hat Guy is under investigation for operating as an unregistered lobbyist. The Beacon Journal's Doug Oplinger and Dennis Willard give a typically (for them) in-depth treatment of the facts. As I noted in an earlier post (and addendum), the new state budget for education pretty well hoses traditional schools and contains some warm fuzzies for charters. The new article highlights the special perks White Hat got, including exemptions for Life Skills Centers and the death of the Legislative Office of Education Oversight (about which anon.)

According to the BJ, Brennan has met with many members of the General Assembly, both in his condo in Columbus and his home in Akron. Named in the article are Representatives Tom Raga (R-Dayton), Diana Fessler (R-New Carlisle), Tom Brinkman (R-Cincinnati), Jon Peterson (R-Delaware), Ron Hood (R-Ashville) and Mary Taylor (R-Green); and Senators Ron Amstutz (R-Wooster), Lynn Wactman (R-Napolean), and Jim Jordan (R-West Liberty). That's six Reps and three Senators only one of whom (Taylor), is from anywhere near Akron.

Brennan flack Tom Needles says Brennan was merely "exercising his fundamental rights embodied in the Constitution to express his personal views and interests before elected representatives in the state of Ohio." The members of the legislature who met with him did so in response to "personal invitations that he made as a private citizen." See Brennan just wanted to share his "passion for school choice." That's all. He wasn't asking for anything. He just has important people over to his house every once in a while to share his concern for underprivileged school children and the $100 million-plus alotted to their education every year.

Fair enough. I'm a private citizen too, and I have concerns about charter schools. And I have a pretty nice house in Akron. I am happy to host a breakfast meeting for the Republican delegations so we can kick it about my passions. One of which is transparent government. So anyone reading with a line into the statehouse, tell 'em to leave a comment and we'll arrange something.