Sunday, October 29, 2006

Pho's Mail Bag, Pt. 3: The New Akron.TV

Got an email from Karen Kilroy, a progressive web designer and one of the proprietors of For some time the folks at have been posting things Akronish. Karen has also participated in Meet the Bloggers, which is how I met her.

She wrote to flag the major renovations at Where once they had a video hosting site, now they offer news feeds, a blog feed (yes, I'm on it), an blog and tools for users to blog on the site. Many have gone before down the road toward offering a truly interactive Akron portal. I'll be rooting one more time for these folks to succeed.

I will say that I'm again having trouble with some of the video downloads, but more generally I'm having trouble with my broadband connection, so no telling what's what.