Thursday, October 26, 2006

Michael J. Fox Gets Some Elvis in Him

I was just listening to Tom Oliphant on Franken today talking about how Michael J. Fox has, over the course of a couple days, become a political star, stumping on the issue of embryonic stem cell research.

Sherrod Brown (who has always had plenty of Elvis in him), moved fast, securing Michael J. for a press conference Monday. From the Brown camp release:



    Actor Michael J. Fox will join Rep. Sherrod Brown in Columbus, the town where Fox’s hit sitcom “Family Ties” took place, to discuss the need to expand federal funding for embryonic stem cell research. Embryonic stem cell research could hold life-saving cures for millions of Americans, for diseases like Parkinson’s, but Senator DeWine and President Bush have cut off funding for expanding this research that is supported a wide majority of Americans and by many in their own party.

    Brown and Fox will be joined by doctors, stem cell research advocates, and Ohioans suffering from diseases dependent on stem cell research for cures.
Note that this is a credentials-only event. Hopefully someone blogging in Central Ohio can cover it and get some video up before the evening news. No doubt said video will be scrutinized by Dittoheads for signs of fakery.

Tongue-in-cheek throwback headlines aside, I've for some time been impressed by Fox and the dignity with which he bears his affliction. By all accounts a notably callow figure in his heyday, he has stood tall, faced the light and channeled his inevitable personal anguish into positive action.

Even Mojo Nixon would approve.


Anonymous said...

Channel 19 (WOIO) is in Columbus right now to cover the Sherrod Brown/Michael J. Fox rally/news conference. Watch the noon news today and possibly the evening news on Channel 19.