Saturday, October 28, 2006

Finan out at Radio Free Ohio

Ohio Media Watch has the scoop.

I gave up trying to listen to Joe some time ago. He's reasonably sharp for his age -- for his age. But he was painful to listen to. The rambling soliloquys, the long pauses, it was just bad.

The happy news (for me) is that we're back to a full three hours of Al.

The remaining question is whether 1350 will continue to try to develop local programming. I think they should and that they should aim either at post-drive time (Ed Schultz is OK; pretty much can't stand Randy Rhodes) or evening. W/r/t evening, they may have difficulties as their contract with the Aeros cancells evening programs three or four nights a week through the summer.

If they do bring in a local talker, they would do well to try and build an actual community here. Right now they have a sign-up on the website, but in six months or so I've only gotten the announcement for the "Be a Prog Talker" contest (Yea, I tried out and they broke my heart). Point being, nothing else. Certainly not an announcement about the above.

Second, they need a real, dynamic web presence. Some reason to check back or load onto an RSS reader.

Finally, and yeah this is a bit self-serving, do some real outreach. Not just local bloggers, though that would make sense. But also local groups like the SCPD, the Portage Dem Coalition, the Medina County group and whatever MoveOn and DFA affiliates there are. Sierra club has a strong local chapter. I'm sure there are other progressive grassroots groups around. If a progressive media outlet like 1350 reached out to them, it could set itself up as a hub for the Stark/Summit/Medina/Portage progressive community.

The open question is whether, given the general right lean of Clear Channel, they would be happy with an affiliate offering that level of aid and comfort to progressive activists. I think they can achieve some profitable synergies, but it might be too hard to swallow politically for CC.


Village Green said...

I agree 1350 ought to develop some local content and programming. Sorry you didn't make it to the finals of the progressive chat host contest. I was thinking about it, but got too busy. Now I'm really regretting it as I checked out their finalists and dammit -- they were all men. I think I could have given them some competition!

While I'm here, I'm going off topic to ask you if you've heard anything at all about the APS school levy -- any polls out? I'm a teacher and I haven't heard anything at all. It seems deathly quiet. I gave my donation to the cause and have lawn signs up, but have noticed that even the ABJ isn't writing about it as they did for the one last spring. Do you think it is a deliberate tactic not to go overboard on publicity?

Pho said...


I have a little bit of inside info that I'll share, but not on the blog.

As for ABJ, I think their lack of coverage is mostly a matter of A) Fewer reportorial resources after the recent bloodletting and B) A zillion other races sucking up oxygen. They did run a nice editorial the other day.