Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Excused Absense

The Pages have been quiet for the past week. After a relatively healthy winter, I got socked by one of the bugs going around. Not bad sick, but bad enough to pretty much knock me on my ass for those patches where I didn't have something non-negotiable to do. So blogposting had to take a hit.

I'm pretty well on the mend now, and have a couple things in the works. I hope to have something fun up this evening.

Thanks for your patience.


redhorse said...

be well. if you've got the bug I had, I was worthless for two days. not fun.

Jill said...

Pho - little guy: bronchitis/pneumonia, girl in the middle: vomiting, oldest son: Cleveland crud.

Mother and father: weary.

Hang in and rest.