Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Back Among the Living

Sorry about that. I thought I knew what sick was until this past week. The flu that's going around utterly knocked me out for a week solid. For sheer fatigue and misery it rivaled recovering from sinus surgery. I actually tried to write a couple of times and the addled results are hilarious.

I have lots of catching up in the offline parts of my life, so how quickly I'll be able to catch up on the blog remains to be seen. In the meantime, here's a Random Ten since we missed Friday:

1. "Gone," Miles Davis
2. "Nobody Gets a Smooth Ride," The Choir
3. "Birthday," The Sugarcubes
4. "Lookin' Up," Shelby Lynne
5. "Are You Hung Up?" Mothers of Invention
6. "Pastime Paradise," Stevie Wonder
7. "Rock Lobster," B-52's
8. "Heebie Jeebies," Louis Armstrong
9. "When the Ship Comes In," Bob Dylan
10. "Eyesight to the Blind," B.B. King


Jill said...

Hang in there, Pho. Misery loves company and sadly, I cannot suffer for my kids: my youngest has had an eye infection and been home since Monday. We're hopeful for tomorrow.

Just take care.

Anonymous said...

Glad you're doing better. See you 'round the school yard...