Thursday, March 02, 2006

ABJ Soft on Petro Pay-to-Play

While today's PD mines the recently release U. Akron emails for more nuggets of payola evidence, the Beacon Journal passes in the local section. But they do weigh in with an editorial saying basically "eh."

The BJ's arguments are weak in the extreme:

-The quality of work didn't suffer because Roetzel is a quality firm. True, but a quality firm with no Intellectual Property division until they cobbled one together because the UA work was coming down the pike.

-Petro was all about giving Arshinkoff the hand. Supposedly this is in the emails, though no one has reported it in print. Besides, it doesn't explain sending work to David Brennan. And it doens't explain sending the IP work to Roetzel instead of Hahn Loeser.

Two forces seem to be at work here. First, the enemy of ABJ's enemy. Or enemies. The Beacon has long feuded with Arshinkoff and loves any excuse to send hateburgers his way. In addition, the editorial stance toward Blackwell is one of palpable nervousness. They know, as do we all, that as much fun as it might be to watch Petro try to scrape ethics allegations off his shoe, we all could suffer is something equally stinky doesn't stick to J. Ken.

Second, the me-second factor. The PD scooped the story right out of ABJ's back yard. The Beacon has been pooh-poohing the allegations ever since. It's hard to get scooped; one defense mechanism is to treat the story like no big deal.

In any event, we clearly can't trust the Beacon to burn much shoe leather on this story. This will be one time I'll be happy to have the PD nearby.


54cermak said...

I was really disappointed with the ABJ after I moved here, I had to switch. The PD isn't perfect but at least it takes me longer than 5 minutes to get through their Sunday edition.

Ohio 13 said...

You expected anything else of the Faux News of Northeastern Ohio? My only surprise is that it wasn't the Democrat's fault, and that talking about it doesn't aid the terrorists.


Chas said...

They get even worse today. Today they actually advocate against releasing information upon request from a newspaper.

Anonymous said...

This bothers me a lot less than Blackwell hiring prominent conservative attorneys with zero election law experience as his 'consultants' at the SOS office. This includes 225k to the Attorney that worked for Bush on the Schiavo case and another 75k to the guy suing BG for having domestic partner benefits.

Anonymous said...

Enough Beacon bashing; the Beacon's piece was very balanced.

Anonymous said...

chas, who did that? the PD or the Beacon?

I read the beacon ed today and it was a swipe at Alex, their favorite game, imo. I didn't see it as advocating against the release of info, just the release of info to satisfy a political end.

Chas said...


The ABJEB effectively did. UA didn't release the e-mails on their own. The PD filed a request for the specific documents.

I don't dispute that UA and Arshinkoff wanted to release the documents, and it served their purpose.

The ABJEB, though, chose to pretend there was no request and that the release was entirely selective and sleazy. That it shouldn't have taken place. That "its waiving of the attorney-client privilege may be more complicated than first thought."

The primary point being, the ABJEB just came out against releasing more information on the matter. All because the release of such information would serve Arshinkoff's interests.