Friday, December 23, 2005

Tidings of Comfort and Joy

I'm blogging from the lobby of the Elizabethtown, PA Holiday Inn Express (give me complimentary internet access, I give you a free plug.) We are on the way East to visit Prof. W's family for the holidays. I will be pretty much internet in communicado for the week, so this is my sign off and, in case I don't make it back on before 2006, a year-end benediction.

This thing started six months ago simply as my personal howl at the moon. I expected nothing more than that I would write stuff that mattered to me, exorcise the rants rattling my brain and exercise a mind addled by full-time child care. Nothing more. I fully expected to fly under the radar -- hence the cryptic early title.

When I first heard of blogs four or more years ago I thought "Uh-oh. I could get lost there." Little did I know. Being less than a paragon of mental discipline, I thought perhaps I would play at this a bit, then decide it was too much hassle. In fact, it is generally an exercise in mental discipline not to blog. The Akron Pages run about a 2:1 ratio in topic ideas generated versus those that make it to post. I made a big deal out of my 100th post. This is 201.

Meanwhile, quicker than I would have thought possible, I was discovered, blogrolled and blogged about by NEO bloggers like George Nemeth and Bill Callahan. I went to meet-ups and MTB events and have met some good and talented people with the same passion for this wild new medium.

And I have readers. Somewhere between 50 and 70 on typical weekdays; about 45-65 more than I expected. I've struck up email correspondences with two law students who read the PhAQ's and limned Prof. W's -- and my -- identities. The Horses at Psychobilly Democrat and the Akron Pages have founded a burgeoning mutual admiration society. While Mount Laurel New Jersey has stopped reading, a quick shout-out to Harrison County Hospital in Phoenix AZ.

So thanks to everyone. Whether you are a blip on my SiteMeter or a frequent commenter, you have kept me going and made this project a source of pride. Thanks especially to Jill and Daniella for your encouraging comments, to Bill for the early links; to everyone who blogrolled me, but especially Tim who has driven more traffic to the site than anyone; to David Abbott and mystery man John Galt for providing comment grist for my blog-making Voices and Choices posts; and especially to George, the center of gravity of the NEO community that so generously has taken me in.

To my friends, my readers and my lurkers, I wish a very joyous holiday season to you and your families. Unless you are a War on Christmas theorist, in which case I wish you a Most Blessed Winter Solstice.

Couldn't resist.

Happy Holidays.

-scott piePHO


Anonymous said...

Say, "Hi!" to my old stomping grounds for me! I lived in Lancaster and worked in Mountville for seven years...E-town (as its called locally) had a school board somewhere to the right of Dover's. We used to joke: How many E-town school board members does it take to change a light bulb? None--electricity is still just a theory! There were tons of fireworks there some years back when a local boy wanted to take his boyfriend to the prom. Brave kid!

Anyhooo...Happy holidays to all of you, too! See you when you get back!

TBMD said...

Dear Pho,

Just a note to say Merry Christmas, & how much your thoughtful posts are appreciated from "the other side of the aisle".

Keep up the good work - even (especially?) when we don't agree.

WestEnder said...

Hello from "SWO."

I noticed you have both Right Angle Blog and Pullins Report links. I had the same but just found out both blogs are done by Scott Pullins so now I have just one linked.

Just an FYI in case it makes a difference.

I knew a guy in college from Akron. Nice guy.

Jill said...

Happy Holidays, Scott. May the new year bring at least another 201 entries.

Anonymous said...

Best wishes to you and yours this holiday Pho.

not specified said...

I do publish the Pullins Report. But I do not publish Right Angle Blog. I like it, I post on it, and I advertise on it. But it just ain't me.

I agree with some of it, disagree with some of it. It's real good, and I'm flattered, but it ain't me.