Friday, December 02, 2005

Plunderbund Takes on Viral Blogging [UPDATED]

"Viral Marketing" is the ad industry term for sending regularly looking folks into the market to generate buzz for a product -- a manufactured hipster ordering the cool new vodka, for example. Lately the blogosphere is seeing more and more viral blogging. People log on with a point of view supporting one or another candidate, but don't identify themselves as actually working for that candidate.

This and other candidate-related controversies has prompted Eric at Plunderbund to advance Ten Rules for Online Campaign Organizers. He pretty well covers all that is annoying in blog-focused campaign tactics. If the blogosphere succeeds in reaching concensus on and enforcing (in the form of flaming, outing, dropping support) these rules, no doubt new obnoxious tactics will crop up. But it's a good start.

UPDATE: Eric has received input from a number of quarters, most notably Kossacks. He has now moved the 10 Rules to a separate page as a work in progress. This may someday be something. Go contribute to the discussion and you can say you were There at the Creation.