Friday, December 16, 2005

Latest Additions to the Sidebar.

I've been joking with folks that I run the most important liberal local politics blog in Akron -- because it's the only one. Well, no more. One of the proprietors of Psychobilly Democrat introduced himself and the blog by email. I'm grateful to have company. Now when I want to skip the latest County Council blow up I can just link to you guys, right? Their link is now nestled in the Stark Summit list.

I've also added a new list for indispensible Republican/Conservative blogs. Indispensible in this case is based more on info than opinion. Since the Boring Made Dull guys are both Akron-based and conservative, I've given them a link in each.

Also I've embedded a link in the profile to a FAQs (or PhAQs) post from a while back. If you're new and want to know more about this Pho guy, it's there.