Thursday, December 01, 2005

OH-14: Two First-Timers Vying to Take on LaTourette

Lake County Dems have a blog up on their website which is the best place to keep tabs of this race (as well as the latest dirt on LaTourette.) Right now two political neophytes are battling in the primary. Meteorologist Palmer J. Peterson is a friend from Summit Co. Progressive Dems. Professor Lew Katz teaches at CRWU School of Law.

This all underscores the carpetbaggery of a rumored Capri Cafaro race in OH-13. It's one thing not to take on a popular incumbent like Tim Ryan in what may or may not be your actual home district. It's another thing to jump into a safe district and leave a venal and vulnerable Congressman to newbies.

I get perturbed about this. Akron's Congressional representation was watered down badly when we got split up in the redistricting. The idea of someone not from the district at all jumping in really sticks in my craw.


Noon said...

I think it is actually good to have non politicians run against Latourette. Perhaps this is the reason why Latourette has not been beat. I, myself, am fed up with politicians and their corruption. It is time to have someone fresh and not married to Washington. It is refreshing to see how these Lew Katz and Palmer Peterson are uniting against Latourette.