Friday, March 27, 2009

Weekend Randomness

So how it's been going down is like this. I get enough school and writing work out of the way to back to the blog, put up a couple posts of varying quality and things start to hum. Then (this winter anyway) I get sick. For whatever reason, I just don't have it in me to blog sick.

So now it's get-back-in-the-game time. So here it is, your moment of ten:

  1. John Coltrane – “Naima”
  2. Modest Mouse – “The World at Large”
  3. Pixies – “UMass”
  4. New Pornographers – “All the Things That Go to Make Heaven and Earth”
  5. Pat Metheny – “Distance”
  6. Gillian Welch – “My First Lover”
  7. Lucinda Williams – “Jackson”
  8. Ramones – “Blitzkrieg Bop”
  9. Elvis Costello – “Alison”
  10. David Ball – “Blowin’ Smoke”
Between Lucinda's love-weary voice and the mournful dobro accompaniment and lying-to-myself lyric, "Jackson" is one of the most wonderfully tragically sad songs ever recorded. Check it out.


Ryan Doringo said...

We share some taste in music, Pho. I really enjoyed Jackson. I'm a sucker for the heartfelt sentimental stuff.

I want to recommend a couple of artists for you. I'm almost positive you're familiar with them, but here you go:

Warren Zevon - One of the greatest, most underrated American song writers. Most know "Werewolves of London" but it's only the tip of the iceberg. Some other good ones: Accidentally Like a Martyr, Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner, Keep Me in Your Heart,Lawyers Guns and Money.

I could go on for days about Zevon. He is truly remarkable. The Wind, the CD he recorded while facing his own death, is one my favorites of all time.

The second artist is Jackson Browne. I remember you mentioning in class once. For as much as I dislike his politics, I love his songs. He is a phenomenal lyricist. Since you know him already, I'd like to just recommend a few songs: Late for The Sky, For a Dancer, Sky Blue and Black, The Birds of St. Marks.

There you go. Maybe there is something in there you can enjoy.