Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Anti-Recall Site Launches.

Citizens for Akron
, the official political committee countering Warner Mendenhall's recall effort err the entirely spontaneous grassroots recall effort that Warner Mendenhall is selflessly donating his time to launched their website today. They are still building it as it launches, so if you get a "site offline" message, just hit refresh.

From an online tech perspective, they are doing this thing mostly right. The site launch was announced via Facebook message. On launch the site includes a support form that allows users to sign up for emails or texts. There's also the now de riguer feature that allows people to create "accounts" though at this point it's unclear what one would do with an account. (Though to their credit, they haven't tagged it "MyCitizensforAkron.")

And of course lots of info. At this point the site content is tilted toward what a cool guy Plusquellec is and arguments that a recall at this stage is a dumb idea. The tough choice for the organizers will be whether to counter the accusations leveled by the recall folks. The site promises itself to be a work in progress and so will be worth watching.


Eric said...

The recall effort is engaging in a push poll. I just got a call that was quite one-sided and meant to suggest the city is in a poor financial situation and that a recall effort will only cost one dollar per resident. Apparently the recall effort doesn't understand how much a recall actually costs. Way to spread misinformation Warner.

Bargain Hunter said...

Regarding a previous post, you may be insufficiently subversive for China, but do a great job serving Akron and Northeast Ohio.

Good to see you back posting regularly again.

As far as they mayor, I don't expect this campaign to oust him. The only thing I can see getting him out of city hall is if he decides to run for governor.

I'd like to get a link swap here with NE Ohio Bargain Hunter. If you can check out my blog and let me know I'd appreciate it. Just write a comment on one of the posts and I'll get back to you.