Sunday, August 21, 2005

While I Was Out

A few items to hit on from my downtime.

First, thanks to George at Brewed Fresh Daily for flagging my "Let's Crush TABOR" post. Sorry I didn't make the meetup; we stayed an extra day (though it was by no means assured that Professor Wife was going to take on two car-ride-amped urchins to let me come up anyway.) I should be there for September.

Second, I intend on doing a detailed postmortem of TABOR '05. Bottom line, victory for progressives, Blackwell bunch in retreat. More later.

Third, some guy named Scott Piepho had this Op-Ed published the in Beacon Journal about the defunding of the research agency that studies charter schools in Ohio. This is something of a Culture of Corruption® piece insofar as it is unclear why the GA would do such a thing except to give out warm fuzzies to the (politically generous) charter industry. Anyway, this Piepho guy seems to have something on the ball; I particularly like the second syllable of his last name. Check it out.

With that, I feel ready to jump back into the news cycle (aside from the absurdly cycle-busting TABOR piece that will neither release me nor complete itself.)