Wednesday, August 31, 2005


When the footprint of God impacts upon the land, everything else seems miniscule. My attempts at blogging last night just seemed ridiculous. Having absorbed somewhat the enormity of what happened, I'm feeling a little more ready to face the challenge.

Summit County's local Red Cross chapter has stepped up, sending 7 workers down to the disaster site with more to follow. According to their website.

The fastest way to help is by making an online contribution to the Disaster Relief Fund at You can also help by calling 1-800-HELP-NOW. The American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund enables the Red Cross to provide shelter, food, counseling and other assistance to those in need for this disaster and thousands of other disasters across the country each year.
In addition the website notes we are in a blood emergency (usually happens in the summer, with or without nature's help). Just like we did by buying new emergency equipment after 9/11, Akronites have an opportunity to step up and make a difference.