Sunday, August 28, 2005

Death to BlogSpam

I had heard of this, but this is our first experience at House of Pho. Evidently the spamosphere has developed webcrawlers which find blogs that allow comments and drop "comments" that happens to contain a link to "blogs" that happen to be tied to some sort of for-profit enterprise.

I got seven -- yes seven -- of these "comment" in response to the last post. I've left up the most innocuous for instructional purposes.

And OK so partly I'm pissed because they are an asspain to delete but mostly I'm pissed because I was initially excited about seven comments.

I won't bother telling the people responsible the degree to which they suck cock in Hell since they no doubt have never actually read the blog. But I will anounce a new comment policy. If you comment anonymously, add nothing to the discussion, and pimp your "blog" or the blogfront for your business, you will be deleted and I shall curse the eyes of your children.

Carry on.