Sunday, February 25, 2007

TechPresident -- My New Favorite Election Site

Thanks to this new Newsweek article run across accidently, I've discovered, a website dedicated to tracking how candidates in the Presidential primary are using internet technology. This excerpt from the About page gives a pretty good thumbnail:

    Our team of bloggers is made of veterans of the 2004 and 2006 elections, ranging across the political spectrum. Their expertise covers everything from website design to the latest in mobile tools and social networking sites. And we'll look closely not just at what the campaigns are or are not doing, but what voters and activists are doing online to independently affect the election.
TechPresident includes the afformentioned blog with articles about timely topics (including a good article sharing my WTF? reaction to Wesley Clarks Stop Iran War effort). It also has a page dedicated to tracking candidates' MySpace friends and another watching Technorati hits as a guage of blogosphere buzz.

Check it out, but fair warning: Give yourself at least an hour.

UPDATE: Few things in bloglife irk me more than posting a story and seeing someone else post it some time later without so much as a hat tip. You can never tell if the blogger just missed your post or is ripping you off, and in any event, bloggers take a certain pride in being first on the block. Silly, maybe, but still.

To avoid doing that myself, I generally run through the Ohio blogs that seem to do the most work following the news cycle before posting. If I see something elsewhere I give a hat tip or at least an acknowledgment.

As Jill notes in comments, I missed her post about TechPresident on Progress Ohio. As it happens I've switch RSS services (MyYahoo sucks! Google Reader rocks!) and missed picking up ProgOH until just this week. Apologies and, yes, tip 'o the hat to Jill.


Jill said...

Pho, she said, giving a side-wise glance at one of her favorite education bloggers and all-around smart guys. You haven't been reading Progress Ohio now, have you, because if you would've known about techPres two weeks ago.


Jason Haas said...

maybe it was Jill, or maybe dumb luck, but I added to the reader a week or so ago.

Good coverage of campaigns and the wild internet frontier.

Scott Piepho said...

Sorry to have missed it, Jill. I've acknowledged the oversight in the body of the post.

Jill said...

Well, TO BE FAIR, it wasn't on WLST, it was on Progress Ohio. I've been posting to both, trying to separate some stuff out for Ohio-centric news. Techpresident isn't even that - I don't know why I put it there. This interdisciplinary, multi-tasking personality of mine is getting a little too multiple for me even.

Oh - and - Openers didn't know about it at all until I emailed Mark Naymik about it. :) (Sorry Mark, just trying to make a blogger feel better)

George Nemeth said...

Nice site, but you'll need to find anything of substance somewhere else. An update on Kucinich's MySpace page? Please.