Monday, February 19, 2007

Kucinich Offers Komic Relief

Face it, nothing in the 2008 Presidential campaign will offer more opportunity for comedy -- high and low, intended and not -- than the Kucinich campaign. And with the marathon slog ahead of us, we'll certainly need the comic relief.

Rep. Kucinich has set a high bar for himself with his 16 Tons rendition at a Rainbow/PUSH conference:

Nothing he's done lately has lived up to that high standard, but news reports indicate dude isn't just going to phone it in from here on out. Bill Sloat caught news of an appearance in Ohio just before shoving off on a New England swing. Bill spotlights this bit of megalomania:

    “The fact I’m in the race gives Ohio enormous leverage in the presidency. All the things we care about in terms of jobs and health care and education, I’m taking into the presidential race. I’m putting the spotlight on Ohio in the presidential race. These other candidates don’t know Ohio.”

[Breathlessly] Oh, thank God Dennis is in the race, lest the Presidential campaigns ignore us since we're only the FRIGGIN' ARCHETYPICAL SWING STATE.

Next, Kucinich went to New England for an apparent college tour, hitting UConn and Dartmouth. Apparently he didn't hit Boston -- not a college town. In any event, at the Dartmouth event he laid out his strategy:

    Although the New Hampshire primary will not be held until 2008, many contenders are getting a head start because of the crowded race for the nomination. Over 10 candidates from each of the two major political parties have either filed their candidacy with the Federal Election Commission or have formed presidential exploratory committees.

    In light of this situation and given his failure to win the Democratic nomination in 2004, Kucinich explained that he has changed his strategy, saying he is "going to win" the New Hampshire primary.
Not sure what's funnier there: That DK thinks he has a chance with the notoriously independent-minded and prickly New Hampshire primary voters or that he thinks that makes a difference, given the frontloaded primary schedule.

But he is serious about firing all his guns at once in NH -- he's the first to open an office there.


Anonymous said...

Really, I think Kucinich only seems "funny" because he doesn't benefit from the slick, corporate publicizers. When you're working on a kind of homegrown campaign without all those dollars and that cable-TV style face-saving then things come out a little more home-made. You have to do things that aren't expected. To me the 16 Tons bit is beautiful, for one because it's an old workers' song, but more importantly because it's so rare to hear a candidate actually invoking our heritage as Americans--I'm sure you've heard John Ashcroft doing his awful karaoke style singing--but to hear a presidential candidate singing a folk song is to me, very inspiring. Well, just some of my thoughts. --Clark Williams

Ryan said...

This is one of the reasons I am glad to no longer be associated w/ NEO.

I also am moderately shamed to admit that I had an association with that campaign in 2004. He thinks he has something, but it's just an ├╝berego.

How goes it, pho?

Scott Piepho said...


You and I disagree about Kucinich -- I think he's more "Look at me!" than he is a genuine homespun philosopher. Nonetheless, I enjoyed your perspective and hope you stop by again soon.

Scott Piepho said...


Good to hear from you; first time since you jumped ship for GA. According to Naugle you went because the tax situation is better down there.

I don't really feel in any way marked by Kucinich's daffiness. Here in SummitCo. I can't see us voting for someone that far out there in either direction.