Thursday, February 09, 2006

Some Catching Up To Do

I’ve been unusually busy the past few days, so not much posting. My readers have responded by . . . continuing to log on in increasing numbers. So much so that I’ve decided not to write off the week, but instead to work up some of the actual content that people have come to expect here.

First off a couple of notes from the blogosphere. BlueCollarBaby at Live from Dayton has put the blog on hiatus while he works for Stephanie Studebaker’s Congressional campaign. He will be missed. Not only did he post strong analysis, he is the only liberal blogger I am aware of in the Dayton area.

Another great loss, and under far more dire circumstances, is the medical leave announced this week by Hypothetically Speaking. Hypo has been blogging Ohio politics far longer and with far more experience, knowledge and insight, than just about anyone else. His was the first Ohio politics blog I found and reading him taught me much of what I know about how to do this. He has disclosed that he is battling prostate cancer. Stop by and offer your thoughts and prayers.