Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Akron Politics Potpurri [Updated]

State Rep. and Auditor candidate Barbara Sykes is apparently looking at an investigation for voting in the wrong precinct. The whole thing is a head-scratcher. Her husband Vernon apparently changed his address in January 2005, but Barbara didn’t change hers until January 2006. Her story, that she had two houses and voted in the precinct containing the old one, doesn’t fit well with the timeline. She didn’t gain anything except perhaps the right to vote when she had failed to send in a change of address. It would be a shame to see her candidacy scuttled for something so trivial, but it could happen.

In the 13th, Ohio 13 Blog reports seeing Capri Cafaro television ads. I haven’t seen them, but I’ll note that her website is up. [Update: I forgot the link last night. It's in now]

Betty Sutton, meanwhile, is collecting union endorsements and shouting about them. OH-13 reports the endorsement of Laborers Local 310 and I get word via email that Ohio Firefighters have endorsed her. This last gives her a good homeland security hook. From the press release:

As a labor lawyer, Sutton fought to maintain sufficient first responder manpower
levels and services for the community, while preserving fair wages and
family-sustaining benefits. Previously, Sutton served eight years in the
Ohio House representing part of Summit County, where she championed such crucial
issues as health care access and pension protection.


Anonymous said...

Capri was endorsed by Kim Zurz???

I am just sick. I expect Zurz to show much better political judgment than that. I am so disappointed in her.

Eyes on Ohio said...

Bring back Leigh Herington!

The Cafaro commercial should still be at There's some details about it at