Friday, October 07, 2005

A New Milestone

Exciting times here at House of Pho. We have our first real argument in Comments. Sure Ticked off Ohioan was, well, ticked off at some language I used in a post about abortion. And my brother and I quibbled a bit about the meaning of a third party blogpost. But this was the first real argument from someone of a different ideological stripe. One MAS posted an argument with my Loretta Haugh post. I've had a bit of a week so the response just went up.

It went generally well. Mas gets a little hot under the collar, but nothing really out of pocket. While I expect that a truly viscious right-wing nastygram will come eventually, I'm not going to tolerate it. I don't generally foam at the mouth (except at spammers) and I expect my guests to be similarly civil. If that makes for Bad Internet Theatre, my apologies to Leonard Pinth Garnell.