Friday, October 07, 2005

Enough Already

So finally, I have to turn on word verification for comments. I resisted, but the comment spam is out of control.

In particular, I gotten three comments, buried somewhere in the archives, along the lines of the following:

I skim a lot of blogs, and so far yours is in the Top 3 of my list of favorites. I'm going to dive in and try my hand at it, so wish me luck.

It'll be in a totally different area than yours (mine is about mens male enhancement reviews) I know, it sounds strange, but it's like anything, once you learn more about it, it's pretty cool. It's mostly about mens male enhancement reviews related articles and subjects. [link omitted]

Oh, OK. I'm all over that. Because I've never heard of such a thing before, but I'm sure it's completely legitimate. Honestly, does any guy who feels one leg short of a tripod really believe that something you find on the internet can turn him into John Holmes?

And why are we just lying back and taking this? For too long the internet has been ravished by these people. Sure spam filters offer a protective barrier, but they are simply prophylactic. We need to be proactive. What we need is something like a denial of service attack on penis enlargement sites -- a deep thrust into enemy territory. The responsible internet community needs to stand up tall and be stiff in our resolve against this threat. Someday our long-simmering anger will build to an explosive release. When that occurs, male enhancement entrepreneurs will find the internet community fertile will ideas for engaging them. It will be a long, hard fight, but ultimately satisfying.

What was I talking about?