Sunday, April 05, 2009

Random Weekend: Low Posting Zone Edition

This week is APS spring break, so Prof. W has taken Kids Z and T out of town. While the cats are away the mice will work his butt off on projects that wouldn't fly if the kids were around. Not to say I won't post, but I have about a dozen priorities head.

Now here it is, your moment of ten:

  1. REM – “I Believe”
  2. Nicholas Payton – “Concentric Circles”
  3. Stan Getz – “Four Brothers”
  4. Solomon Burke – “Get Out of My Life Woman”
  5. Michael Frante and Spearhead “Light Up Your Lighter”
  6. The Cramps – “Bikini Girls With Machine Guns”
  7. Eels – “Flower”
  8. Shriekback – “Lined Up”
  9. Ramones – “I Don’t Care”
  10. Dire Straights – “Telegraph Road”
Major college flashback time. The Shriekback song was our background track for a college radio show. Ramones, REM and Dire Straights were all favs, though for different reasons and different times of the day.

'Scuse me. I think I have a paper due.


Madrigal Maniac said...

Ah memories. The fist compact disc I ever owned was Alchemy: Dire Straits Live. Telegraph Road is one of my all-time favorite songs. But I like the live version better that the studio one.

Anonymous said...

Have you heard Frank Comunale, Adam Van Ho, and Kirt Conrad might be running as democrats for the 27th state senate district?

Mencken said...

Stan Getz....... always a solid choice.