Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Norka Notes

Bringing it back -- an occasional round up of things Akron.

First Energy Biomass Conversion -- The Akron-based energy company announced today that it will convert a Cleveland coal-burning plant to burn biomass -- basically farm waste. The conversion moves the plant into the (sort of) renewable and (sort of) carbon-neutral column.

Akron Film Festival Begins Tomorrow. Yes, we have one, and a pretty avant-garde fest at that. This year hosted at the Akron Art Museum. Films scheduled through Sunday. Yes, the festival is facebooking, not they are not tweeting.

Pizza Robber Shot. Preliminary indications suggest this could get ugly. It looks like a legitimate case of self-defense, but the dead robbers friends are making ugly noises around the neighborhood. Further thoughts from Eric Mansfield.

Why They're Called the Aeros. Goodyear is celebrating 100 years of work in aviation.

Dan Auerbach Solo Roundup. Half of Akron's Black Keys released his first solo album last month. A random sample of coverage of the recording from NPR, LA Times (I do believe that's the tressel over Memorial Parkway he's posing on), video on Rolling Stone, and because it involves The Black Keys, Australia. Also, Auerbach got raves for his South By Southwest set. By the way, it's really weird for me personally reading and writing about Auerbach. That recording studio he built in a house in Akron? It was my mom's house.