Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Do You Know "Did You Know?"

The story I'm currently working on covers a meeting where we saw the viral Did You Know video. It was the first time I saw it. The story goes that after video-savvy teacher Colorado Karl Fisch produced it for his colleagues, a friend encouraged him to give it a broader distribution. He took out the Colo-specific info, added this and that and posted on the Yube. If you haven't seen it yet here's release 2.0:

ShiftHappens has spawned a wiki space and Fisch has an education-related blog.

And I'm working on some original content for tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I've never liked this video, although something like it is needed. Its big message is Moore's law (exponential improvement in electronics) provides support for Bloom's taxonomy (... apply, analyze, evaluate ...). This implication in turn requires reforms to support "21st century skills" in education.

I'd prefer to see 21st century skills brought to public education by people who have 21st century skills--rather than as part of a marketing campaign. Ed schools might have a role in this, if faculty acquired 21st century skills...