Friday, August 15, 2008

xkcd Takes On Diebold

Excellent on every level:

Original here.

So, want to know why I don't post more often. OK, aside from Teh Kids and Teh House and Teh Fits and Starts of The Freelance Business it's because I can't leave well enough alone. This post is just fine with the cartoon and link, but I had to go and Google "Diebold McAfee."

So the "problems" at issue are the vote tabulation problems found in four Ohio counties and subject of a suit brought by Sec of State Jennifer Brunner. The lawsuit, btw, is less a Stolen Election Guy thing than a business transaction thing. If you buy a machine that doesn't work as advertised and have the resources, there are legal avenues at your disposal (but if you are some poor schlump who bought a laptop that keeps blinking out, your are simply in for long waits on the phone to Bangalore.)

So, a fun cartoon and a bunch of additional information that you did not need. All part of the service provided here at Pho's Akron Pages.