Tuesday, August 12, 2008

CNN Expanding News Ops to C-Bus

Reuters is reporting that the cable news channel is expanding (it sounds more like decentralizing) its news gathering operation into twenty new cities, including Columbus. From the article, it sounds like this is not a bureau in the traditional sense, but something new and tech-driven:

    CNN will hire a handful of new employees, while reassigning some current employees to new jobs. The goal is to have a mix of traditional network correspondents and what CNN calls "all-platform journalists" or APJs, who gather news using lightweight kits that include laptops, cameras and editing tools for Internet as well as on-air programming in all 20 cities.
As both a news consumer and an aspiring content provider (not necessarily to the CNNs of the world, but generally) this sounds like a potentially exciting development.

Interesting h/t for the story. I've been on Twitter for about a month now. As you stay on the service, media organizations that Twitter begin to "Follow" you basically as a means of proclaiming their existence. Today I got notice that something called CAMediaGuide was following me. Clicking through I found a news aggregator with a horrible design -- a rejected-by-Matt-Drudge level of horrible -- but some useful content. Not interested in California, but more clicking revealed an Ohio Media Guide. Still borderline unreadable on screen, but pretty useful as a Twitterer. So I Followed and got the tweet this afternoon.

It took a long time to warm up to Twitter, but so far it has been a useful tool.