Thursday, July 10, 2008

Census Data: Ohio Population Shift Continues

Analysis of the latest census data shows that some midwestern cities are growing modestly -- but none around here. Cleveland continues to lose people like it's on fire. Akron is shrinking, though much more slowly.

Most of Ohio's major cities are shrinking; Cleveland is the top loser nationwide, with Dayton and Toledo appearing among the top ten shrinking cities. But Columbus continues to post impressive gains and Cincinnati is growing as well.

No surprises, really. The old-line manufacturing cities shrink. The winners have knowledge-based industries (e.g. insurance in Columbus, P&G et al. in Cincy). Akron continues to make the transition, though time will tell how successfully.


Ben said...

No surprise at all. Cleveland and Columbus (and surrounding areas) are on such a different course it is striking.

Anonymous said...

The only hope I can see in the near future is taking advantage of the medical corridor. This should include Cleveland Akron and Youngstown. This will need a large effort in coordination with both state and federal officials. Can we get it together?... With a facility like the Cleveland Clinic it ours to lose.

Rich in Medina said...

The other hope is that the politcals in Cuyahoga County figure out that they need to get the hell out of the way. That is really the common thread when one evaluates the business atmosphere in Cincy, Columbus, Indy and kind of Mayor Don in Akron.