Friday, September 02, 2005

Some Changes at House of Pho

In case you haven't noticed, I did some redecorating on the sidebar. The links are divided into categories, some links added and one or two dropped. The divisions are somewhat arbitrary -- if only I had the HTML chops to pull of a links Venn diagram. RubberBuzz, for example, is both a blog and a DIY Akron portal. Cool People from Akron is somewhat bloglike, but more of a portal/BBS. And SCPD is both activist and Akron-based. But all in all the divisions make the links easier to sort through.

I've added the Seven Cent Nickel as its author has reinvigorated the site, giving it some group blog capabilities. Ditto Ohio Watch, which also has a new URL (now posted). I put up a couple Akron portals and government sites in the Akron section. And I added to the Activists the Ohio Fair Schools Campaign -- the most grassroots of the education activist groups.

A second change to anticipate is a slight amendment to the blogging philosophy here. Some bloggers are quick-hit link posters. I tend more toward long essays with bunches of embedded links. I will continue posting the latter, but want to start doing some of the former as well. A fair swatch of the audience here, from what I gather, is friends of mine who are not blog junkies. I want to start giving you folks some idea of what is going on in other Ohio blogs. The format will be much like the Katarina Links post just previous. Some internet connection problems have me behind on intended posts, so the first of those posts probably won't see the light of CRT until tonight.