Friday, September 09, 2005

Friday Random Ten

1. "Black Cadillacs" by Modest Mouse
2. "Bad Luck" by Social Distortion
3. "Tryin' to Get to Heaven" by Bob Dylan
4. "Break it Up" by Patti Smith
5. "The Tourist" by Radiohead
6. "The Lonely 1" by Wilco
7. "Roll on Buddy, Roll On" by Bill and James Monroe
8. "Have You Seen Me Lately?" by Counting Crows
9. Phillip Glass's "String Quartet No. 3 'Mishima': November 25-Ichigaya" by Kronos Quartet
10. "Shoot out the Lights" by Richard and Linda Thompson

Yea, the Kronos Quartet thing. I've been wondering when that would come up. I'm not a big classical music fan, but sometimes it's good background. I loaded the Kronos CD for this reason. Since it's Phillip Glass and therefore sounds contemporary, it actually works sometimes. The effect certainly isn't any weirder than second-wave punkers Social Distortion sharing space with bluegrass demigod Bill Monroe.


Anonymous said...

KQ is coming to the area soon. Maybe spring? I think as part of some Cleveland Museum of Art performances.