Friday, May 14, 2010

The Ultimate Elena Kagan Resource Site

I've been trying to compile links to the best sites for Kaganalia. Happily the folks at the Library of Congress have done (most of) the work for me: (Hattip: Akron Law Cafe.) You'll find there a complete bibliography, links to important papers that are online and a collection of blog and news links.

The one addition I would make is the Jurisprudence department on Slate has some of the best Supreme Court reporters going, especially Dahlia Lithwick and Emily Bazelon. The whole staff has been posting insightful analyses from a variety of angles.

Also, if you are unfamiliar with the blawg (that's blogs about the law) world, note that the two academic blogs most closely covering the nomination are Balkinization, which is generally center/left and Volokh Conspiracy which is generally libertarian/right. Each is a group blog and on each a number of posters have contributed strong articles, mostly about her academic work.