Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Political Wisdom of my 11-Year-Old

Kid Z's spontaneous take upon seeing McCain's second "celebrity" ad during the Olympics:

    That's terrible. He shouldn't be allowed to do that. If John McCain wants to be President the ad should say "John McCain would be a good president and here is why." Why does he have to diss Obama?

    People shouldn't vote for McCain because he doesn't say why he would be a good president, all he does is diss Obama.
I'm so proud.


Anonymous said...

I love how children can see through the BS better than adults at times.

Anonymous said...

Why does your kid hate America?

CeeJay said...

Unfortunately, the average voter may not be as smart as an 11 year old. Isn't there a weekly show on TV that proves most adults aren't smarter than a fifth grader? John McCain seems to have a certain target audience in mind when creating these ads, obviously your kid doesn't fit the demographic.