Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Tagged Back In

Bill Callahan emailed me to let me know he had tagged me for a meme. I've been quiet again -- combination of yet another relapse, a kid home on break, busy with work and the holiday crush. So getting tagged was as good a way to get back, in as any.

Like Bill, I'm unclear as to how Dispassionate Lib links the meme to the Time Person of the Year honoring Me (OK, "You," but as a blogger I'm more a part of "You" than any of Them who aren't using the technology that makes You so apparently special.) Anyway, the meme goes like this: Grab the nearest book, find page 123 and reproduce the fourth sentence on the page. Then tag people -- thankfully we don't continue the progression and tag five -- only three.

As it happens, I got the email during a break for a continuing legal education class. (Yes, I report this year and I put it off. Sue me.) As such, no books were in reach. So I went after virtual books here on the laptop. The first downloaded doc of over 123 pages I found was the Dover ID decision. The fourth sentence on page 123 comes in a discussion about how the Dover school board ignored critics of intellectual design theory:

    As Dr. Alters’ expert testimony demonstrated, all of these organizations have information about teaching evolution readily available on the internet and they include statements opposing the teaching of ID.
I tag Redhorse, Village Green and my fellow UU blogger Jamie.


Mark W Adams said...

Okay, you're right. I wasn't clear enough. The book I used, Time Magazine's "Time Capsules/1936" had Adolf Hitler on the cover. It was the year he was Maned Man of the Year. The fact that as I got tagged, Time named "You" as Person of the Year, and even though I was just moving furniture (not reading the book) and it just happened to be the closest book got me just interested enough to look up page 123 -- something I would usually just blow off.

When that page was talking about trouble in Iraq, 70 years ago, I had to play.

Clear as mud, right? ;-)

Anonymous said...

Oh my gawd. I keep checking in only to find you haven't posted in a while. Sympathies for Joe's family, but I've read this tribute now a zillion times. Get back to work, would you! Anyone would think you're a ^*(^%%%^ public employee or something. Have you nothing to say!!!!!!!!