Friday, November 04, 2005

The Alex Arshnikoff/Akron Beacon Journal Love Letters

From an editorial in today's BJ wrapping up this campaign season's endorsements:

Many local Republican candidates refused our invitation to speak in person with the editorial board about their candidacies. They did so largely because of an edict from Alex Arshinkoff.

The Summit County Republican Party chairman fumes that the editorial board treats his party's candidates unfairly.
Quick aside on the truth of the assertion. Perception is everything in this charge like this. Conservatives tend to perceive unfairness with little provocation. Personally I think it's because seeing both sides of an issue in itself offends conservative principles, so the media starts ten points down in any event. With regard to this particular circumstance, this is the paper that chose Edna Boyle (Bar Association rating: Acceptable) over Kathy Michael (Bar Assn rating: Highly Recommended).

Mostly I post this because of the meta-point made by the BJ. After noting that four Republican judicial candidates refused to be interviewed, the paper notes:
A voter may have reason to wonder about the independence of these judges and judge wannabes. Of all public officials, judges must pay particular attention to protecting their credibility and integrity. These Republican candidates put those virtues at risk when they kow-tow to the party boss.
Say what you will about the BJ -- and there's plenty to say -- they still call Alex on his crap.


Anonymous said...

I remember the first time I started investigating this scumbag. He's literally Akron's little Cheney. Thanks for the heads up mate.