Friday, September 25, 2009


I'm trying to blog daily but it's Friday night and I'm tired. So I'll let the MP3s do the talking tonight.

  1. New Pornographers, "All for Swinging You Around"
  2. Charles Mingus, "Open Letter to Duke"
  3. Yo La Tengo, "The Story of Jazz"
  4. Elvis Costello, "Less than Zero"
  5. Shelby Lynn, "Life Is Hard"
  6. Bela Fleck, "Blue Mountain Hop"
  7. Jimmy Cliff, "The Harder They Come"
  8. Bright Eyes, "Poison Oak"
  9. Modest Mouse, "Bukowski"
  10. Lucinda Williams, "Concrete and Barbed Wire"

See you tomorrow. Hopefully.