Tuesday, August 18, 2009

City Council Website Updates

While I was out a number of campaign websites went live. OK Kelli Crawford's has been up awhile, but I'm just getting around to updating the sidebar. Anyway, the sidebar is up to date with respect to the campaigns that have contacted me, plus some candidates I have run across. I'm including Facebook groups for those candidates for whom such a group is the only web presence.

I have to say that the project has been made more difficult by the surprising number of candidates who share names with people just that much more famous that Akron politicians.

Search for Joe Finley and the results are swamped by coverage of an NHL hopeful from the University of North Dakota. Ward 8 candidate Bruce Bolden (who still doesn't have a web presence, apparently) shares a name with an Australian basketball player. Search for John Conti and you get lots of hits for John Conti Coffee.

Happily Kelli Crawford is holding her own against Australian kid show performer and mens mag model (!?) Kellie Crawford. And happily I found Mike Williams before needing to Google him.

I'll keep picking at this, but needless to say, if you are working on a campaign with a website, the best way to make sure the site is on the roll is to drop me an email. (Thanks, e.g. to the DiLauro campaign who hit me today.)

I would note that I haven't heard from any Republican candidates and have only found one so far. I'd especially like to see/hear from any R's making a run to break the current hegemony on Council.


Anonymous said...

Bruce Bolden has a facebook page for his campaign.

Wayne In Akron said...

I emailed you last week, but understand how legitimate messages get caught up in the sea of spam.

Two websites you are missing are:

Ward 2 - Bruce Kilby

Ward 10 - Jay Moore

Unknown said...

Was wondering if you can link my web site. Ward 9 - Tammy Dressel

brucebolden said...