Friday, July 03, 2009

Akron Candidates Roll Is Up

As promised I've added a list of candidates with websites at left (third list down.) After my last post about the races I've been contacted by Will Padilla who is running in the crowded Ward 8 primary (site of the House of Pho) and Lisa Mansfield who is running for school board.

Will Padilla has a nice site up and a fine looking resume. It will be hard to make headway in such a crowded field, but he will be someone to watch in the future.

Lisa Mansfield also has a Friends of group on Facebook and is twittering -- you can find those links on the website/blog which is a work in progress.

As the season wears on and sites go live I'll add to the list. I check every once in a while but someone who wants to be added should drop a line to be sure.


Village Green said...

Is there a list published anywhere of ALL the candidates that have declared for council and schoolboard?

Pho said...

The Board of Elections has a list of everyone who turned petitions in on time. Some will drop if they don't have enough valid signatures.

Village Green said...

Found 'em, thanks! Four running in my ward, the incumbent, the loony who always runs, and two unknown to me at this time. Will have to check them out.

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