Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Coughlin Running for Guv.

In lieu of one of my mewling post about sorry I've been away and now the blog is back, let's just jump into it.

To no one's surprise (least of all followers of the Pages) term-limited State Senator Kevin Coughlin has announced his candidacy for Governor. Given the number of other term-limited R's looking to take a run at Ted, Coughlin at this point has to be considered a longshot.

What intrigues me is how ugly the resultant primary may be. One need not search far to find the rumors about Coughlin. Up until now he hasn't had to concern himself much as he hasn't had opponents either sufficiently well-funded or sufficiently mean-spirited to perform and use that sort of opposition research. Plus the rumors are the sort that Dems have a hard time getting worked up over.

But that all changes once he's in a statewide race with other Republicans. And with Alex Arshinkoff looking to settle scores to boot.

Oh yes, the Arshinkoff factor. Coughlin failed in his bid to bring Alex down. And while the anti-Alex activists could point to his supposed losing streak before the election, it's hard to do so after this past election. As he has done in the past, Alex rocked the non-partisan elections, which is to say he did about as well as any Republican chair in a Dem county in a Dem year could do.

So. Coughlin in a state-wide primary. A resurgent Arshinkoff looking for payback.

Pass the popcorn.


Anonymous said...

It should be interesting. I am a "friend" on facebook when I saw that note he posted. I thought it was joke because I thought he was simply too young to even be taken seriously (under 40)! Of all of the GOP candidates who have been raising money and speaking around the state, who does he think he is?
Great to have you back. I have lost out on my Akron connection without the pages.

Ben said...

I'd hardly say Alex is resurgent, but thats just me. The county party is broke and money isnt exactly rolling in. The money is drying up.

Ollie said...

With all due respect Pho, the so called rumors you allude to are a load of crap. Arshinkoff has peddled that stuff around ever since he hit on Kevin and was rebuffed. True story.

The reason these so called rumors have never gone anywhere is because there's nothing to them. I know Kevin and his family and they are everything they seem to be in public. I think trying to attack him because he's young and ambitious will backfire.

anthony said...

Ollie, with all due respect those rumors are 100% true. A family member has seen coughlin engaging in certain acts in the backseat of his car. If the rumors aren't true i Don't know why that occured, you tell me.

Anonymous said...


Back it up. Your comment is ridiculous. Coughlin is a good man and a skilled campaigner. I guarantee that anyone who thinks they are going to trip him up like that will be in for a surprise. You'll only make him stronger.

You want to make an accusation, get out of your cave and make it. But back it up.

Akros said...

Apparently, the rumors continue to be verified by spottings in the northern and eastern ends of the county. One reported sighting occurred not long ago at an out of the way restaurant in the northern end of the county. What defies explanation is why Kevin's long suffering wife would allow him to use her as part of his desperate move to get a job after he leaves office. She's agreed to let him form a committee for her to run for his senate seat - as reported by the PD.

Anonymous said...

the cleveland pd is reporting Kevin's wife is going to run for his Senate seat. I wonder who will run as a democrat.

Anonymous said...


The stories of him around the county and columbus are completely true, especially the event that happened early this summer in fairlawn-west akron.

a local paper is working on a big expose, they are checking statements and interviewing people as we speak.

Every person who knows Coughlin well knows he is not a good man, this starts from those who went to grade school with him.

Pho is correct, there are going to be long lines forming from columbus to akron waiting to take this guy out.

Anonymous said...

Pho, the only reason coughlin is 'running' is so the ORP wioll buy him off with another race like will never happen, everyone hates coughlin.

He's the only guy that can lose a race against Arshinkoff.

Hey Pho how bad is that! coughlin criticizes arshinkoff because he can't win a race, and he gets 30% of the vote against arshinkoff!!

Ole Yeller said...

It's truly sad how ugly some people are (more likely one person). They've got a lot of time on their hands and hatred in their heart.

I know the Coughlins and this stuff is pure garbage.

Anon and Akros, you must live a very sad existence.

Anonymous said...

Keep your head buried in the sand then Old Yeller.....where there is lots and lots and lots of smoke, there's fire.

Chris Redfern is going to have a field day on this guy.

Remember the truth shall set you free.....

Anonymous said...

Arshinkoff better hope that there is no slanderous expose on the horizon with Coughlin's name anywhere close to it.

Coughlin has information on Alex and others that will turn their worlds upside down, and those of the people close to them.

It was the integrity of the Carol Klingers and others in his New Summit group that convinced him not to destroy lives. It is one thing to expose Alex for being a worthless,money-grubbing, power-monger and it is another thing to expose secrets (i.e. video recordings) of Alex and other's personal lives.

If any such article is in the works that will defame Coughlin, no one will be able to stop him from releasing what he has on those who wish to do harm to him and his future goals.

Anonymous said...


The previous post from (anonymous)perfectly and clearly illustrates why EVERYBODY hates coughlin's guts.

"It was the integrity of the Carol Klingers and others in his New Summit group that convinced him not to destroy lives."

"destroy lives"...can you imagine??

Utter slime.

Modern Esquire said...

Dang, Pho.... I didn't realize Summit County was so... interesting?

Anonymous said...

Pho, Wait till you hear what happened at the New summit Republican meeting out in Fairlawn last night!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Summit County Republicans Throw Themselves A Pity Party

On the eve of Barack Obama's inauguration, a splinter faction of the Summit County Republican Party met in a small conference room in Akron's Four Points Sheraton to discuss plans for the future. These were members of the self-titled "New Republicans" of Summit County, the upper-class junta that tried to unseat Alex Arshinkoff in an unsuccessful coup last year.

It was a somber event, though they tried to spin their increasing irrelevance as best they could. One man stood up to explain how Obama's victory was actually a failure, since he outspent McCain, yet only won by a "small margin." The only real issue discussed was how they needed to utilize e-mail and Facebook in upcoming elections, a point somewhat lost on the mostly geriatric crowd.

The meeting was much like the Festivus tradition of "the airing of grievances," as Arshinkoff's supporters called for unity while the "New Republicans" demanded inclusion. Don Varian, a loyalist to state senator and gubernatorial candidate Kevin Coughlin, got himself in a tizzy at one point, claiming Summit County's GOP was ruled by a "clique" which he had never been asked to join, so he wouldn't let them join his club either! So there.

Finally, Coughlin stepped up. With Coughlin, a "family-values" Ÿber-conservative, you never know what you're going to get. Sometimes he'll demand green license plates for sex offenders. Sometimes he'll talk about death certificates for aborted fetuses. Sometimes, as he did with Scene, he will tell you how Arshinkoff once made a pass at him at a Republican event. But on Monday, Coughlin blamed the media. Apparently, journalists never gave local Republicans a chance because we were too busy fawning over Obama and praising Ted Strickland.

You're right, Senator. Maybe it is time for us to pay a little more attention to you. - James Renner

Interested Observer said...

he could barely beat a political unknown in 2006 while outspending her by a million. good luck running against someone with access to money...and information.

James Renner said...

So what happened last summer??
-James Renner

Anonymous said...

James - when r you gonna print your article?????? I've been looking for it each week. I think Kevin is a "snake in the grass" He deserves everything that is coming. The people of Summit County need to know who the real Kevin is.