Thursday, October 30, 2008

Back for the End Game

OK, I'm finally ready to get back into the game . . . for the end of it. So where have I been? Take your pick . . .

A) Recuperating after a 6'4" Alaskan saw my Obama bumper sticker, jumped me and carved a backwards "S" in my cheek.

B) I inherited a $250K/year plumbing business and haven't had the heart to tell you all that I'm switching sides.

C) In anticipation of Tuesday night, I've been practicing "The Internationale."

D) Got the flu that's going around, took two weeks to get over it, then had to dig out from a pile of grading.

I won't even try to catch up on what's happened in the interim. I have a few plans for the time between election protection and the usual family/school/work stuff. Stay tuned.


Anthony Fossaceca said...

B. It's "B," right? Right?

I knew it.

Welcome back for the home stretch. While you were gone, the rest of us swung Obama from 6 points down to 7 points up.

You're welcome.

Village Green said...

I've been waiting to see your blog light up in my Google Reader -- welcome back!

redhorse said...

equilibrium restored.