Wednesday, June 22, 2005

I like it, part 2.

Continuing the thought from yesterday. . . I surfed by the ODC home page (usually I just visit the sad little blog). There too you can find the clarion call to oppose Blackwell's candidacy by following the link to the Blackwell File. The Party has noticed something I diaried on Daily Kos a few weeks back -- that National Republicans are pulling for Blackwell in hopes of grooming him for national office sooner rather than later. And more ominously, the Right Wing Noise Machine is getting into the act.

A couple of Ohio blogs have noted a pro-Blackwell article on the cover of NewsMax -- a Richard Scaife publication. I disagree with their takes that this is a mistake for Blackwell. I believe it is part of the first wave of what will be a well-orchestrated national campaign to put J Ken in the governor's mansion and by extension on the national stage.

So, kudos for ODP for picking up on it and trying to turn it to their advantage. If J Ken is going to attract national support, it should work the other way as well.