Monday, February 11, 2008

Swing State Proj: OH-2 One of 18 GOP Seats Where Dems Hold $ Edge

Whether or not the Ohio Second contest is the worst on the map this cycle, it is noteworthy for another reason. Challenger Dr. Victoria Wulsin has a significant money edge over incumbent/presumptive nominee "Mean" Jean Schmidt. According to Swing State Project, "physician Victoria Wulsin has $344,315; Schmidt lags with $124,857."

By "has" I assume SSP means cash-on-hand per the latest round of finance reports. This makes the race one of 18 where a Democrat holds a funding edge for a seat currently held by a Republican. Further, only one Dem incumbent is behind a Republican challenger.

It's surprising that Ohio 15 (Mary Jo Kilroy v. Steve Stivers for Deborah Pryce's seat) or Ohio 16 (John Boccieri v. Kirk Schuring for Ralph Regula's) are on the list. They were noted for raising major jack last go-round. If I had time it would be a research project, but someone else will have to take it from here.