Thursday, August 16, 2007

Richard Cordray Coming to Akron Tomorrow

State Treasurer Richard Cordray has been touring the state promoting his two favorite ideas -- economic development and financial literacy. He comes to Akron tomorrow. From the presser:

    Economic Development
    9:15-10:15 a.m. Ellet IGA Grocery New FirestonePark Store, 1028 Hammel Street.

    Ohio Treasurer Richard Cordray is reviving the state’s interest rate reduction program for small businesses. Right now the Treasury has nearly $500 million to invest in Ohio small businesses through the Linked Deposit program, which can help borrowers save up to three percent on their loan.

    Treasurer Cordray will be stopping at Ellet Grocery in Akron as part of a statewide tour of Ohio small businesses. The grocery is a recent participant of the Treasurer Cordray’s Linked Deposit program and serves as a model for other Ohio small businesses. Cordray will be available to discuss the economics behind the program and his intentions for its success.

    Women & Money
    12:15-12:45 University of Akron, 302 Buchtel Common

    Through the past decade women have surged as leaders in business, at home and in the consumer marketplace. According to a study by the Center for Women’s Business Research, majority women-owned businesses have continued to grow at nearly two times the rate of all businesses. In Ohio, there are an estimated 350,369 privately-held, majority women-owned businesses, generating nearly $58 billion in sales.

    With this in mind, Ohio Treasurer Richard Cordray brings his “Women & Money” conference to Akron, offering free seminars focusing on subjects such as budgeting, homeownership, investing and retirement planning. The event will bring hundreds of Akron area women together to examine financial issues affecting everyone. Guided by financial planning experts, the day-long program will explore common errors, solutions and unique ideas.

I have family plans (of course) so no coverage.