Thursday, July 13, 2006


Jeff, a.k.a. YellowDogSammy from Ohio 2006, came down to Akron this week for a brief meet with Stephen Dyer, running in Ohio House 43 (a post is in the works.) We got to talking about the General Assembly races and agreed to put out feelers on races to watch. This way we can focus our energies on following those races and start keeping a running tab.

So consider the antennae up here at the Pages. A couple of starting places are Staff's "Expectations" posts on Buckeye State and this Diary on Daily Kos (a diary on Ohio Senate was so fundamentally useless I won't bother with a link). Staff was running mostly on numbers. The Kos diarist seemed to have some on-the-ground intell.

We are looking for 1) information about ODP/Dem Caucus targeted races 2) races in which the incumbent goes against the prevailing trend in the county and 3) anything else that looks interesting. You can drop a comment or contact one of us through the blogs. We're looking for House and Senate and we're hoping for fairly specific information as opposed to "I'm volunteering for Candidate X and we're superconfident!" We''ll take that too, but it won't get much weight.And needless to say, anonymous commenters aren't going to have as much credibility.

We'll start posting as we get info.


Anonymous said...

To me, the most interesting General Assembly race might be in the 13th Senate District. Sue Marano lost the race the last time by a WHISKER. Sue is a really good one and I am hopeful that she can win this time. Plus, the SEIU is providing her with logistical campaign support.

I got to meet Sue at the Lorain County Fair the last time and she is the sort of "citizen legislator" that Ohio REALLY needs.

Believe me, spend some time with her and you'll see what I mean.

Anonymous said...

I'll second what efo said. I met Sue briefly in March and was impressed. Then I looked up the numbers and found she lost by less than 350 votes (or so).

With a strong campaign and GOP fatigue, it's a strong pick up possibility.